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By | December 19, 2019

If you are the one who wants to join Indian defence as an officer then you have to qualify SSB Interview. Qualifying SSB Interview is not an easy task it takes lots of hard work and the right strategy. Hard work is needed to attain success, all these people know, but with hard work it is necessary to know how to do hard work, such as if farmers cultivate hard work in fields and they have no technique If there is no modern machine, then crop can not grow according to hard work! Similarly, our success is, if we work hard to succeed, but we do not have any right source and strategy then you may be disappointed with your result.

best book for ssb interview
best book for ssb interview

Now, let’s talk about why books If you want to qualify SSB Interview or any other exam right books will give you a structured syllable, right paper pattern and guide you in the right direction of glory.

Best Book for SSB Interview

Here are some specific reason why you should buy this book:-

  • Elaborate and well Oriented topics.
  • It will help up to a certain extent but after achieving that stage a lot of individual practice is required to overcome one’s stagnation level.
  • Good for a quick read. After that close it and come up with solution of your own.
  • A well thought out and well-written book.
  • All relevant topics are explained in an easy to understand manner and tips are also provided wherever required.
  • For the first time SSB participants, this will give a good idea about to what to expect.
  • For people who are already familiar with SSB, this will provide info as to where they went wrong. Highly recommended!

Awaken Yourself within You: SSB Interview

Here is another one book for SSB Interview if you want to know more about the insight of SSB and insight into the procedure adapted at Service Selection Boards. I don’t guarantee that this book will help you in clearing SSB but I am sure enough that it will help you in getting clarity of thoughts and in improving your personality. It will remove myths from your MIND. It’s not about external improvement rather this book is all about your internal refinement.

SSB is a process, not an event and to clear it you need to focus on yourself as more you are focused towards yourself the more you have the chances to taste success. Don’t follow the tag of BE YOURSELF, I would rather say, “please don’t BE YOURSELF! Instead, the right theory is to KNOW YOURSELF. Take interest in knowing the person you see in mirror every day, know about your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your goals, attitude towards life and refine accordingly. Be a refined version of yourself, or upgrade your own personality application from time to time.”

SSB Interview OLQs

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