Salary of a Soldier in the Indian Army

By | January 1, 2020

Average Salary a Soldier in Indian Army- 30,000/Month

The Indian Army is the largest branch of the Indian armed forces. It is one of the largest standing armies in the world, with 1,129,900 active troops and 960,000 reserve troops. Indian Army is a major component of national power alongside the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. It is responsible for land-based military operations. National Security and National Unity is the primary mission of the Indian Army.

salary of a soldier in the Indian army

Allowances For Indian Army

  • Dearness Allowances
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Housing Allowances
  • Field Area Allowances
  • High Altitude Allowances
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  • Study Leave of up to 2 Years with Full Pay and all Benefits
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity and Foreign Postings
  • Lifelong Pension etc.

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Additional Benefits in Indian Army For a Soldier

  1. Air/Rail Travel Concession
  2. Free Hospital Facilities
  3. Low-Interest Loans
  4. Canteen Facilities, Rations, etc.

Salary of Soldier GD in Indian Army

An average soldier gets a salary (gross) around 30,000 INR a month and after deductions and all, they receive somewhere around 25 to 22000 in hand which still is a big deal and also they get compensated for other things such as child education, uniform, ration and not to mention CSD rates which are 50–70% of market price. A soldier’s 40–60% of salary is saved(single guy) and 20–30%(family man) by the end of the month. Compared to other countries it’s still a good deal and not to forget they also get military service pay additional to their salary.

A soldier’s salary is a function of a number of factors e.g. basic pay of his trade, years of service, rank pay, Dearness allowance and a host of contingency/hardship allowances etc. It is based on the pay matrix as per the award of the 7 CPC etc.

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