PP & DT in SSB Interview[Picture perception & Description Test]

By | November 29, 2019

PP & DT in SSB Interview

PP-DT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test conducted on day one of the SSB process after the Intelligence test. The Intelligence tests your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) while PP-DT tests your EQ (Emotional Quotient) and maturity level. As the selection ratio in the screening test is approximately 30%, performance in PP-DT plays a very crucial role.
In this test, a blurred picture is shown to candidates for 30sec. The picture is very blurred so candidate should see the picture properly with 100% attention. Thereafter 4 minutes and 30 seconds are given to the candidate to write the story.
The candidates are given an answer sheet and are required to give the following details in the box on the left side:

1. Number of persons

2.Their Gender

3.Their Age

4.Their Mood

5-Number of character



How to write a story in PPDT?

You will see the picture for 30 secs and then you will get 1 min to note down a few details and then 4 mins to write your story on the page provided by the SSB.
1- In 1 minute you have to write down the details like the gender of the characters you have seen, their age, mood and circle the character you have seen first.
2- All these details have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet provided by SSB.
3- Write M/F/P for male/female/person(if the gender is not clear).
4- Write a positive/negative/neutral mood.
5- Write their age assumed by you and as per the picture shown.
6- Circle the details of the character you have seen first.
7- On the right-hand side of the sheet, you have to write the action happening in your story.

An example of story writing


Number of characters – 4 Age and Sex – 25to30 year/all are male
Mood – positive
Happening – Climbing one of the hills


Suraj as a boy always dreamt of becoming a soldier in the Indian army. Accordingly, he made his effort to become a soldier and was successful in his efforts. Now he is serving as a soldier in the Indian army recruited in Jammu Kashmir.
While on duty one day he saw few enemy country soldiers entering inside the border and approaching towards his camp.
Suddenly he alerts his comrades who got onto their feet. Thus there was a firing start between both armies. Finally, Suraj was successful in defeating the enemy soldier with the help of another soldier. Suraj and his friends made a sign of victory.
Then he and his 3 friends planned to visit a nearby hill and enjoying the victory. They also clicked some pictures of hill,
birds and animals as well as trees and plants. Everybody appreciates Suraj for his victory and finally, they reach on there.

Discussion Test [Individual Narration + Group Discussion]

This part of screening which can make most of us nervous, as a matter of fact, individual narration and group discussion decides whether you stay for the day or screened out. So, use your full ability to perform well enough during narration and discussion.

This part consists of two things, one is individual narration and another is the group discussion. After the story writing, candidates will be divided into a group of 12 -14, all group members are supposed to sit in a semi-circular fashion. You will be getting a chance to read your story again just to revise before the individual narration starts.

purpose of the G.D

The purpose of the G.D has is to reach one common story. Don’t forget this aspect, Your aim should always be to take the discussion towards this aim of one common story. Therefore, you don’t have to keep pressing on your story. You don’t have to keep speaking all the time, let it be sufficient, but when you speak you should have a positive tone and you should speak with authority and logic.

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