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By | February 2, 2020

PIQ Form in SSB Interview[Personal Information Questionnaire]

PIQ- Personal Information Questionnaire
What is PIQ?
PIQ is the document of the questionnaire which is to be filled by the candidates on the arrival at SSB Centre.

PIQ form is very important because it has crucial information about aspirant, also most of the personal interview questions in SSB interview is related to what you have written in your PIQ form. So do fill it properly and do not write something which you might not aware of, it may create a problem for you in the Interview. Below you can find detail about PIQ form. The basic PIQ form is of two pages, it includes questions related to your academics, relatives, self and other miscellaneous questions.

Click here Download SSB Interview PIQ form

Note – It is a crucial document that derives the information about the candidate; moreover, it becomes the basis on which personal interview are asked.
During the interview,
 the interviewing officer may ask both direct and indirect questions based on the PIQ form filled by the candidate.

Tips to fill PIQ form

1- Avoid Scratching and overwriting.
2- Try to fill your PIQ form from yourself don’t just copy others candidate’s PIQ form.
3- Write clearly so that your information easily understood by the reader.
4-Write true statement about yourself, inaccurate information shows a lack of self-knowledge.

What is PIQ form in SSB?

PIQ stands for “Personal Information Questionnaire,” a set of basic questions written on a paper required for an interview with your SSB. These questions are helpful for evaluators to judge you better. By reading the PIQ they understand your personality after knowing certain things about you.

Full form of PIQ Form?

PIQ stands for “Personal Information Questionnaire,”

How do I fill piq form in SSB interview and what things should I kept in our mind?

PIQ form which you fill during SSB is sent to the interviewer and thus acts as a brief introduction about you. Few points:
They start with things you have given in it to make you comfortable. I will advise you not to fill lies in it and make things tough for yourself. Keep it simple. Avoid making an impression from the PIQ form. Write things about which you are ready to take questions.
Just keep it simple, clean and brief.
If you are not sure about writing something, avoid writing it.
Do not try to hype about things here. It is only going to harm you.

What should I write in the occupation box of PIQ as I’ve dropped this year for coaching?

Your PIQ has to be in sync with your personality.
You are generally instructed by a staff on what to fill in all fields , but incase there is not much explanation by them,
Fill – “Unemployed, Preparing for…..”

What should I write in the PIQ form if I don’t have any hobby?

According to me everyone does have a hobby.. It doesn’t have to be playing a sport,reading,dance,singing etc it can be anything that we do regularly without any hesitation.. It can be like watering plants or taking your pet for a walk or anything else.

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