GTO Task in SSB Interview [Group Obstacle Task]

By | November 29, 2019

GTO Task in SSB Interview

Group testing officer (GTO) conduct GROUP TESTING EXERCISES on 3rd day. Before proceeding towards the conducting of the task, GTO gives the general guidelines to conduct the task.
Test that is conducted on this day are the following:-
1-GD- Group Discussion  2-GPE-Group Planning Exercise
3-PGT-Progressive Group Task 4-GOR- Group Obstacle Task
5-Lecturette 5- HGT-Half Group Task

1-GD-Group Discussion

In this particular task, first of all, you are basically divided into groups of 6-12 depending on the number of candidates. After which you are made to sit in a circular fashion, facing each other, seating order based on your chest numbers. There are two topics given to you by the GT Officer, firstly he will give you several topics and ask the group to choose the one you are comfortable with.

The second topic will be of GT Officer’s choice and needed to be discussed within the group. The topic given to us is generally based on social awareness, day-to-day problems, social issues which we usually discuss with our family and friends. The time given to discuss a given topic is about 10-15 minutes. The GD topic consists of various given leads which you are supposed to advocate or support during the entire GD. The twoGroup Discussion basically takes place one after the other, after which GD culminates and other task took place.

Introductory series

2-GPE-Group Planning Exercises

GPE is the 2nd group test after group discussion.GPE (Group Planning Exercise) is an indoor task. Time to use your mind and creative ideas, here comes the next and fourth GPE also known as group planning exercise in SSB interview. Group planning exercise is literally a fun task to do, you need better thinking and fast mind as well, all you need to do is come out with the best plan to reach your goal.

3-PGT-Progressive Group Task

The Progressive Group Task (PGT) is the 3rd task of the GTO task series. It is very tricky and cumbersome at the same time. This simple task brings out a number of key qualities which are lying dormant inside the individual. Therefore, a lot of diligence is required at the part of the candidate while going about this task.

These group exercises have been designed to test the candidate’s ability to work in a team and tackle problems of a practical nature. These are leaderless group exercises which have to be tackled with the help of the group members and some helping material. The entire group is required to work with the spirit of cooperation. However, the candidates must remember that these exercises have a number of solutions and those having average intelligence can handle these provided they think coolly

4-Group Obstacle Race

This is an outdoor task also known as snake race. This test is basically a task of cooperation and team spirit. This is also a leaderless exercise. In this task, each group has to carry a load in the form resembling a snake to a fixed place crossing certain obstacles on the way to finish line. The finishing line has to be reached within the minimum time.

The load is to be held by a minimum of three persons and it should not fall on the ground. The GTO explains the task to every candidate and you should listen to him attentively and must clear the doubts on the spot before the commencement of the task.

No need to worry about GOR (Group Obstacle Race) as a person with normal physical strength and stamina can easily do it well. This test is basically designed to test team-spirit, cooperation and your physical strength. This is a competition between the groups and you must try to win it.


In Lecturrette, every candidate has to deliver a short talk for three minutes to the rest of the group on any of the four topics. You must choose a topic you are conversant with. You must remain composed and confident while delivering your Lecturrette.

6-HGT-Half Group Task

Half Group Task is very much similar to the progressive group task, but the difference is that the group is divided into two sets. i.e. If your group contains totally 10 persons, then it is divided into 5 of two groups. Like this, the GTO will see the performance of the candidates in close. The rules are the same for this like PGT. It is also a leaderless exercise.

This is the 2nd chance for those candidates who they were not able to give their best in PGT. So it gives the candidates better opportunities to demonstrate their calibre.GTO too gets an opportunity to make a closer and more detailed assessment of the performance of each candidate. It is essentially a group task and the members must work for the group in a spirit of cooperation and coordination.

Half Group Task

Rules of Half Group Task

Colour Rule: The obstacles are painted in three colors namely
o Black
o Red

Each one describes one rule.
• White: – Both the candidate and the helping materials can touch the obstacle in this region.
• Black: – Only the candidate can touch the obstacle in this region and not the helping materials.
• Red: – Both the candidate and helping material should not touch the obstacles.
Out of Bound Rule
These areas include the mud surfaces inside the task area and some colour codes as described above

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