Conference in SSB interview[Conference]|DAY-5

By | November 29, 2019

Conference in SSB interview

Conference in SSB interview happens on the 5th day of SSB testing, in conference, all the assessors of a particular board including the president and deputy president, meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates on 5 days testing. There are few rumours and doubts among candidates regarding the conference, let’s discuss them one by one.

Candidates will be called one by one according to increasing or decreasing order of their Chest No. there will be a bell and a display board indicating a chest number just to inform the candidates about their turn to go inside the conference hall.

Why Questions are asked during the Conference?

An assessor who had initially failed the candidate may want to resolve his doubts and may request the Interviewing Officer to ask certain questions or pose certain situations to the candidate to see how he responds. Depending upon the response of the candidate, the dissenting assessor may decide to pass or insist on failing the candidate. Thus, in most cases, the decision is already made before the candidate enters the conference room. It’s only in a few cases that specific questions are asked.

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General Question in SSB Conference:-

  1. How are you?
  2. Where did you go?
  3. How were your stay, food and accommodation here in the last 5 days?
  4. How do you rate your performance?
  5. Rate your performance out of 10?
  6. What you will do if you are not selected this time?
  7. What is your next plan?
  8. How many friends did you make in these last five days?
  9. Rate your performance out of 10?
  10. Why you were not selected in your previous attempts?
  11. Rate yourself in the group?
  12. Which test did you enjoy most in SSB?
  13. In which test you think you could have done better?
  14. Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days?
  15. Have you been out with friends? What all places you visited the city in which your Board is Located.
  16. Compare your performance with previous SSB attempt?
  17. Some SRTs if you are the borderline case?
  18. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB?

10 Tips To Handle SSB Conference:-

1-Reach conference venue before time.
2- Dress well and wearing your chest no. neatly.
3- Smiling Face – Keep a smile over your face during your conference. Don’t get into any kind of stress.
4-Wish all the members of the board immediately after your entry.
5-Don’t Criticize The SSB – Normally, the candidates are asked for any suggestion for changing the SSB testing criteria. You have to stay away from showing smartness by pointing mistakes or suggesting any change.

6- Stay focus and listen to the questions carefully, be loud and audible to others while answering.
7- During the conference, a candidate can be asked questions by any of the assessors. Stay alert and direct the correct answer to the correct person. Don’t get confused with the questions. The questions asked are casual.
8-Be composed and cool. Do not shake your leg.
9-Avoid Asking Any Question Or Giving Suggestions – If you want to conclude your conference in a polite and stable manner, then avoid asking any question and suggesting anything.
11- Stand up gently and leave the room without much disturbance as soon as you get the instructions.

2-Result Declaration

After the conference, you will go for lunch and come back with your bags packed. You all will be gathered in a room. The technical officer will say thank you all for coming here and being very gentle and if you can’t make this time, do come next time.
After that chest number of successful candidates will be announced. Those who are selected stay for the medical examinations which last for 3 to 5 days. And rest will be asked to board the bus which will drop you at the railway station.

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