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Best Books for SSB Interview-2020-21|SSB Interview Book|

If you are the one who wants to join Indian defence as an officer then you have to qualify SSB Interview. Qualifying SSB Interview is not an easy task it takes lots of hard work and the right strategy. Hard work is needed to attain success, all these people know, but with hard work..

PP & DT in SSB Interview[Picture perception & Description Test]

-DT stands for Picture Perception and Description Test conducted on day one of the SSB process after the Intelligence test. The Intelligence tests your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) while PP-DT tests…..

Group Discussion in SSB Interview|GD-2019[SSB]|

In this particular task, first of all, you are basically divided into groups of 6-12 depending on the number of candidates. After which you are made to sit in a circular fashion, facing each other, seating order based on your chest numbers….

SSB Selection Process details|5 days complete process|

On the reporting day, reaching SSB area candidates have to fulfil PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form.
His documentation and batch formation will be …..

[Psychological test] in SSB Interview|Psychological test-2019

Psychological testing series– psychological testing is conducting on day-2 of SSB interview. It is the 1st day of stage -2.
What is psychological test?
Psychological tests are written, visual, or verbal evaluations administered …..